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To come close to; be nearly the same as: This meat substitute approximates the real thing.
To bring near.
To bring together, as cut edges of tissue.
by Javana Joseph October 26, 2003
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noun. A feeling that you and your partner will mate. A moment of this kind. An air of “tacit agreement”.
They stood there, tacitly. An air of approximate can be smelled.
by 喜之正品淘汰狼 May 30, 2016
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noun. A spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend who is not an ideal match, but close enough in many respects.
"Looks like things are going really well with your girlfriend, Bob!"

"Yeah, it's pretty good, Stan. I kept looking for my vision of perfection, then decided I should get real and find an approximate."
by Mr.Whosiwhatsis July 18, 2008
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