Someone who is sarcastic to get attention from everyone else that they don't give a fuck about what they're saying
attention whores are butthurt and can say swear words to get more attention
by YNW Iโ€™m Bored July 06, 2017
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People who are seeking for attention.They would do anything,like fall of a school building to desperately get everybody's attention.The whore part is like a slut.So someone who is selling for attention that is a rapist...
She's such an attention whore
by Butter Cramp May 26, 2015
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Someone who craves attenetion so much that if they don't have it they will die a very brutal slow and painful death
by Rfhtfbki March 24, 2017
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An attention whore is someone that will do anything for attention. "Break there leg", slit their wrists, wear very revealing clothes, date every guy she knows of, and will make others seem bad so she/he looks like a good person. They are rude, and usually don't care about others feelings, cuz obviously they don't have any them selves, well besides always wanting attention.
"Wow look at Charlotte she's all over the guys, and she told them that she wants to fuck"
"Damn, look at Stacey she posted a nude picture of herself online"
Attention whore- Someone thirsty for attention, no matter what the consequences
by whatevabitch June 15, 2017
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something that ones does that screams like a whore but guess what it is not for money it is for attention.
there's this new chick in town who is such an attentionwhore like ugh man!
by get_lost_ May 10, 2018
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