Generic term for "the average guy." The "man on the street," so to speak. Sometimes lengthened to "Joe Blow from Kokomo" (after Kokomo, Indiana).
As far as Joe Blow is concerned, the worst thing about the Iraq War is inflated gasoline prices.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
Term for a slightly less-than-average person only accepted by his peers because he/she boosts their self-esteem due to their ignorance or lack of intelligence. Also begs others to the extremities of their nerves for money/materials. Can be used as a nick-name or noun/pronoun.
Joe:hey Jackson, got any money i spent all mine on gummy bears & weed.

Jackson:(speaking to Walt). Gosh he really makes me mad hes such a Jew.

Walt: Yea he's such a Joe Blow.
by Its Hunter B February 24, 2009
“Girl you know joe aka blow? He fucked Ned and paid my bills
by Allhustle04 November 23, 2021
when you're performing fellatio and bite down intentionally, sometimes in a kinky way and sometimes in retaliation.
guy 1: last night that bitch barbara gave me a blow joe.
guy 2: man that bites you gotta dump her.
by joe_unreal March 23, 2022
Find yourself a Joe and give him a blow. It’ll make his day 🤤🍆💦
Happy Blow Joe Day!
by Bigtiddies210 August 30, 2022