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attention whore deficit disorder or AWDD as i like to abbrivate it, is a serious disorder that sweeps trough the teenage female community.... it manifests through very hard and lame efforts to get attention, like extreme drama or disorders they really dont have.... however it is treatable with freebase smokeable prozac, or zoloft
her:"im bleeding,im a self cutter"
me:next day, "hey i got some prozac for your cucu problems"
her:"no i just scratched myself, im not a cutter"
by dwight August 05, 2004
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Doing bad, dirty and nasty things to people.
Like going to a girl's house and have sex with her then steal her money from out of her purse. That nigga is grimmy.
by Dwight February 01, 2005
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someone thats a real playa, hustla, gansta, it refers to someone crucial to the game and if removed a drought might occur
I wouldnt mess with them, they some factors and have ghetto ties
by Dwight August 04, 2005
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To Mosh/Slamdance/Two-step
Dude you gunnu throw down in the pit tonight?
by Dwight August 17, 2005
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1)To smoke pot or be high, especially in Marin or Berkeley.

2)Another name for Cannabis.

3)An insult related to a womans vaginal testing.

1)Man that Afghani turtle had us all smered on Bastille day.

2)Lets go to the headlands and get smered.

3)Persian people are spoiled brat smeres.

4)Mike and Dwight smoke smere in el smere daily.
by Dwight July 14, 2005
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The phenomena on March 15th of every year...where in a small town called Hinckley, in Northeastern Ohio, buzzards (turkey vultures) make their annual return to the region. The local residents celebrate this event with an annual pancake breakfast at the local elemantary school alongside information sessions and bird watching activities on the Saturday of that week. These migaritory birds have made this return voyage every year for over 150 years. A possible explanantion for the migration behavior may have been triggered by a massive wild animal hunt in 1818. This event was to eliminate predators from the rural countryside that were preying on livestock. The buzzards have an attraction to decomposing flesh.
Paul Newman's brother Arthur looks like an old vulture that flys back to Hinckley every year on "Buzzard Day."
by Dwight March 17, 2007
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1) An insult, cross between that sesame street character and a twat.

2) A twat that hangs down real low and is very hairy, most likely from the dinasaur days before they had advance shaving blades.
1) Dude, you need a haircut, you look like a muffleufagus!

2) Yo, yo, thank ho had a muffleufagus so big, a terradactle was nesting up in there.
by Dwight July 14, 2005
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