Angry Ghetto Syndrome
Affliction of children in the ghetto which causes them to be inexplainably angry at the world for no reason. Often leading them to steal, fight, disrespect everyone and feel entitled to do so without consequences. When consequences are given, the giver is racist.
Teacher: Da'Kjuan threw a chair at me when I asked him to put his name on the paper.
Parent: Oh thats allright, he has AGS, it ain't his fault.
by bs4506 April 03, 2007
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Short for "agony"
These period pains are awful!! I'm in ags!!!

Josh got kicked in the balls yesterday... I bet he was in ags
by cardboardboxenthusiast June 18, 2013
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Asian Girl Syndrome

1. A condition marked by an unwillingness to get involved in relationships that may require commitment. (Usually prevalent Asian females, but can also be found in females of other races)

2. A severe condition where the woman makes decisions for apparently no reason other than to screw people over (including herself, often unwittingly)

3. A condition marked by irrational decisions, including dating guys who are jackasses.

4. Where an individual refuses to participate in acts of sexual stimulation for reasons based around morals instilled by pseudo-social figures such as teachers and asian-film movie stars

5. Those who have AGS also have an inflated ego, usually fueled by a member of the opposite sex who serves no purpose to the bearer of the disease other than to stroke her ego.
Joe likes Debbie, who suffers from AGS. She does the following:

1. Leads Joe on, causing him to think that there is a future in his relationship with Debbie.

2. Dates George just to spite Laura, another Asian female who is afflicted by AGS.

3. Tells Joe that he is not ready for a relationship, but then subsequently dates George, who has dated her before and hurt her emotionally in the past.

4. After removing her clothes and sexually arousing her partner, Debbie decides that sex is not for her, leaving the man aroused with no outlet for the sexual excitement.

5. Debbie uses Joe for emotional support, but when Joe speaks out against her dating George, Debbie hurts Joe by telling him that she has lost his trust.
by Andy Li March 19, 2006
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Asian Grade Syndrome. When a person (asian or not) becomes obsessed with their school grades for no reason.
Girl: Sorry, I cant hang out, I have to work on my English homework.

Other girl: Wow. AGS much?
by LamerSauce September 07, 2008
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Awful Grammar Syndrome

1. Basically, people who don't understand basic grammar rules (e.g. subject-verb agreement, tense, etc.).

2. They tend to make up their own words, if they don't know the correct term for it.

3. Awful Grammar Syndrome also includes people who don't know how to spell.

People with this disease should either a) take English classes, b) practice more, c) just shut up.

*Note: Some people with AGS are also jejemons. :-&
1. Person with AGS: "Did you get my called?"

2. Person with AGS: "What a co-accident!"
You: "Don't you mean, co-incident?"

3. Person with AGS: "I'm near to rich my dream."
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