Common colloquial language used when one person rubs and kisses the other persons genitalia or another specific named area. Or generally meaning having sex as a way of asking for forgiveness.
Example 1
Me: Damn girl! You slept on me again!
Girl: I'm so sorry, how about I apologise

Example 2
Me: Damn! You just squished my junk!
Girl: Aww I'm sorry, let me apologise to your junk to make it feel all better.
by Anaaj February 20, 2013
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Almost exclusively uber-liberal, uber wet arse, sociology lecturing, smelly cardigan wearing lefty tree huggers who makes excuses for the worst serial offending scum and terrorists in society. Most notably a trait of Labour governments, Liberal politicians and filthy rich pop stars in the UK, and the trotskyists who have introduced legislation (Human Rights Act) to protect this vermin. Notably highly paid beauracrats in organisations like the 'Prison Reform Trust'.
Professional criminal apologiser Tarquin said "The poor lad didn't have a games console when he was but a little boy, that's what made him slaughter & disembowel 20 prostitutes".
by Morlok January 5, 2008
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The last words of a kork before getting executed.
He said: apologise, apologise, APOLOGISE after throwing a tenko into a completely different dimension
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