The phrase people use when feeling bad about their life when ompared to their friend who is recognized as the loser of the crew.
Angie was really upset over her life and then said at least I'm not Cheryl...
by von groovy June 9, 2019
This is what you say when someone is in disapproval/denial of the truth.
"You think I'm fat??? Wow. You are SO FUCKING RUDE."
"Bitch at least I'm honest."
by Space Wrangler October 17, 2018
This is a ""cop out" phrase you use if you've done something absolutely terrible. However, whatever you did probably isn't worse than the stupid sh*t Kanye does on a daily basis.
"You are a son of a bitch, you slapped a child, and stole a cop car while high on PCP"
"Yeah, well at least I'm not Kanye West"

"I can't believe you, You clubbed a baby seal, then drove over it in a Hummer H2"
"Well at least I'm not Kanye West"
"Sh*t you're right, next round is on me!" - Al Gore
by GitzMoney December 8, 2010
"At least I'm not rubbing penises all over myself."

"At least YOU'RE....."

-Phrase meaning "It could always be worse..." or "I could be doing worse things right now."

Examples of At least I'm not rubbing penises all over myself.

A) Reassuring; In a bad situation used to remind another that "it could be worse." (Ex: "I know your life is chaotic right now, and you're full of inner pain....But at least you're not rubbing penises all over yourself.)

B) Optimistic; Use to reassure oneself that "It's not that bad." {Ex: "Even though I have no money, no job, no car, no least I'm not rubbing penises all over myself.")

C) Derogatory; Used to insinuate homosexuality in a straight friend. (Ex: "I may be having sex with a fat chick...BUT at least IM not rubbing PENISES ALL OVER MYSELF...GARY!")
A statement of truth which asserts that nothing (vis-à-vis kinks & fetishes) is objectively weirder or repulsive than anal sex.
Imogen: You like to fuck the windshield screen of your car??? That's fking weird bro...
Sans: Chillll girl, at least I'm not into anal sex!
by UwUltimateDoge November 27, 2021