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A sex toy used for inserting in the ass.
Or a slang word for Ass dildo
my bf used a connor on me last night!
by finatu March 21, 2006

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To talk to, or talk back to.
person 1: Hey remember Tracy from down the street?
I totally assraped her last night!
person 2: So you really finally talked to her last night?
Person 1: Oh yea, we assraped all night!

Person 1: My mom was assraping me about something.
person 2: Really what was she assraping you about?
Person 1: I don't know, something about cleaning my room,
So I assraped her back!

Person 1: You know those times when some random person comes up and starts assraping you for no reason?
Person 2: yea that totally happened to me last night on the subway, some random guy started assraping me, it was awful, he just kept assraping me about a whole bunch of questions. It was

so awkward, I was so ashamed, I had nothing to assrape back about.
by finatu July 21, 2009

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To shove a finger up a penis hole.
pleasurable for few,
painful for most.
You know on that crazy porn last night?
yea well i saw a guy yellowknifing himself,
it must have hurt like hell!

You know what my girlfriend did last night?
noo what?
She yellowknifed me.
No way! you guys got that far?
Oh yea, she yellowknifed me all night.

Person 1: That yellowknife hurt so bad today, but it was so worth it.
She shoved like 3 fingers all up in there, I swear if she pushed any further, hurt fist would have popped up in there.
Person 2: Now thats what i call a yellowknife
by finatu July 21, 2009

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