A dedicated washcloth used in place of one's hand to clean one's rectum.
Sick! I can't believe he just washed the dishes with my assrag!
by zatr5000 October 28, 2005
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someone who is such an insult to the human race that they are only worthy to be used as a device that removes shit from one's ass
Bring that assrag, Ron, over here! He has a job to do.
by David Dayan June 21, 2004
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cloth worn beneath tighty whities to prevent anal leakage from a worn out sphincter
one gay man to another: donk are you on the assrag or are we ready to rock
by swoolley December 05, 2009
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when you get so mad that your ass will explode into rage to the person you are mad at.
What the fuck?! Ima go all assrage when I see him!
by Auuuubers June 16, 2010
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1.A Person who smells like faecal (poo)particles!

2. a rag used to whipe ones ass!
d00d, where have you been, you smell like someones ass rag!!!???

d00d, did u see that bum, what a total ass rag!!
by AmBiAnDkUrT! May 04, 2005
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