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A person who by definition is the biggest asshole on the planet. Only the "King" of assholes can carry the title of assholiness. This elitist asshole is the highest ranking asshole!

"Pardon me your Assholiness, I didn't see you shitting there!"

Oh, man here comes Kyle, Mr. Assoliness himself. Pave way for the King of pricks!
by Lady Sarcasm December 02, 2010
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assholiness is a state of being most exhibited by politicians and mass media windbags
Jay Leno, his assholiness, made fun of unemployed people like it was fun to lose your job, your house and your family.
by J Snow February 05, 2010
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1- Behavior whereby one uses religion or adherence to spiritual principles as justification to behave in a judgmental or negative manner.

2- The act of imposing one religion's social norms on the rest of society, contrary to or without regard for cultural or other socially relevant groups, individuals, or ideas that one would expect to be protected by a freedom-respecting society.

3- Ass-holy (variation): One who is sanctimonious in his or her religious or spiritual ideas, and judges others and/or tries to impose his or her religious ideas upon others.
People who call themselves 'biblical literalists' are engaging in ass-holiness when they disregard inconsistencies in the bible, or resort to interpretive gymnastics to get around one issue (like subjugation of women, or adultery brought about by divorce), while vainly clinging to strict interpretations of other passages (such as prohibition of masturbation, or condemnation of male homosexuality).
by Googie Whithers June 27, 2010
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