An idiom that means something or someone that possesses no limits and will go the extra mile no matter what.
Our friendship knows no bounds!
by Persian Poetess December 16, 2011
A love that can not be tainted. A stong bond which can not be broken. An unconditional sacrifice for one another. A deeper magic with in ones self to be shared with only one person. A true love.
I shall love you for ever and always, may our love know no bounds or May our friendship know no bounds

To love that knows no bounds
by LexiLu January 11, 2010
1. "To boldly state that one has no outward care for something that does not immediately make sense."

2."To state that another must have intercourse with their own couch whilst greatly enjoying it."

3."To not give a fuck."
by Bueriahn April 8, 2012
A saying someone may say if they're wondering if cheating on a significant other counts IF the other woman is of a spiritual/ghostly origin.
'I was driven to madness by her beautiful glow inside the elevator; sorry honey!'

'....she WAS the librarian ghost from pass?'

' love knows no bounds...I support all forms of life..I do NOT discriminate so...should I be getting you flowers..or?'
by A Minnesotan January 2, 2019