Being really good at basketball. Being a gangster while balling up other niggas.
Wow that was a ballin ass dunk nigga
by MattS71 September 4, 2008
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Basically means that it's one of the dopest, coolest, sweetest fucking things that you've come across in your day
Friend- Yo man! What'd you think of that party last night?
You- Oh! It was ballin ass titties bro!
by WhateverzClever July 23, 2009
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Exclamation of an object, place, action, or event as being very good or desirable. Originated in an obnoxious rant by male students at the Tyler School of Art dormitory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
"Yo, that chemical fire you started on the porch was some ballin ass shit!"
by Boris Blai October 9, 2006
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(the fried sandwich, not the reverse teabagging thing.)

a grilled cheese that surpasses all others in every way. often cooked on campouts by Brewer.

brewer just made a ballin ass grilled cheese. it ruined my stove.
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A mixed drink that surpasses all others in every way. Pour equal parts vodka and champagne in a cup with some ice.

Ball till you fall, or drink till your fingers stink.

A true ballin ass rapper drink requires top notch ingredients, specifically Grey Goose and Martini Spumante Champagne, but not errybodys on that Young Jeezy tip.
Ay nigga, time to celebrate. We sippin on ballin ass rapper drinks tonight.

Up in the VIP we pour Ballin Ass Rapper Drinks
by Drat Pack October 22, 2011
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A grilled cheese sandwich created by putting 5 slices of American Cheese in-between hamburger buns and frying it on a camp stove, resulting in thick black smoke, people choking, and mass-suicide
Hmm... Ballin' ass grilled-cheese you say? That sounds like a bad gay porn movie.
by Im lysdexic March 16, 2007
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