french montana is a whack rapper who makes money off of dumb people and teen girls who are too stupid to understand that french montana can't rap at all!
guy1: hey have you ever heard of french montana? guy2: yeah, french montana's da truf! guy3: french montana is garbage! guy1: yeah, he can't rap to save his life! guy4: I agree with guy1 and guy3. guys5-10: we agree with guy1, guy3, also, guy4!
by katyperryhater1000 September 7, 2012
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A sexual position where a male tapes his penis between his legs (to make it appear that he has a vagina), assumes a horse stance, and performs analingus while humming Lil Wayne lyrics.
Did you hear Drake got caught giving Rihanna a French Montana at Build-A-Bear?
by Everclear Jones June 8, 2014
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French Montana is a Moroccan born rapper. The hottest dude in the streets. The maccaroni wit da cheese. French montana created many mixtapes such as coke wave, mac wit cheese, goon music. French montana is associated with max b and is a part of the cocaine city.
there goes french montana the maker of playin in the wind
by Vikz montana April 4, 2010
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tongue kissing a butthole after a long horse ride. A special case of a rim-job
After a long ride across the plains, I got her to give me the old French Montana, even though I was sweating my balls off
by ysoslo January 16, 2017
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When you fuck someone in the ass with corn on the cob while wearing a cowboy hat .
Yo man Danny got a French Montana last night . Haha that's nasty man !
by Jayray February 18, 2016
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That Minecraft villager in songs
Bruh there is a Minecraft villager with half naked women oh...wait that’s French Montana”
by Woowiewoow May 15, 2021
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Doing a line of cocaine off of a woman's unshaven armpit
Her cooter was so funky I decided to do a French Montana off her instead.
by French Montana fan February 22, 2014
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