Morning beverage that should taste fresh and uplifting; unfortunately, those who do not put effort in morning coffee create a vile beverage that is usually spit out immediately
Geoff put fresh coffee grounds into the old coffee filter this morning again; he's made ass coffee again, prick!
by bigsexxxy August 24, 2010
when you drink low quality beer resulting in the next day you shit liquid in short concentrated bursts.
mike, last night that Pabst blue ribbon brewed a nice pot of ass coffee for this morning.
by Ben Paxton September 14, 2007
When the cheesecake from cheese cake factory smells like the ratchet third Simpson sister, and smells like coffee.
Hillary Duff: Ugh she's such a coffee ass!
by OmgShane March 28, 2016
the feeling u get after consuming way too much coffee. u can no longer trust a fart at risk u might shart, and when u use the restroom, the liquidy excrement looks and smells like a very dark roast coffee. Often leading to an itchy & burning ass.
After several cups of coffee, Mike was returning to the restroom every few minutes; it was quite obvious to his coworkers he had a case of coffee ass.
by ilikecoffee May 25, 2013
Something that smells like ass yet is similar to a coffee smell. Aka kinda smells like shit.
Girl 1: Oh my god! You like Jerry? He smells like coffee ass..
Girl 2: As if, Ashley. You're so extra, you basic bitch!
by greenmetblue March 28, 2016