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A foul smelling whitish/tanish and pliable substance that manifests inside the human ass-crack...most commonly triggered by profuse butt-hole sweating and/or a soiled ass-crack area.

Ass cheese is a double-edge sword and uses its survival mechanisms to fend off removal:

1) It causes intense itching, however when you scratch that area, the ass cheese gets wedged underneath your fingernails, causing your hands to smell like a dirty asshole (which eventually envelopes your whole body, making you a smell like a walking dingle-berry). Because of this, people tend to abstain from itching the ass cheese and just letting it be.

2) Latches onto asshole hairs, escaping the reach of toilet paper and fingers (also, see doody hairs).
On a scorching hot summer afternoon, Red McDougall fucked a fugly whore on his couch in the missionary position. After a few minutes he turned her over to fuck her doggy style...he went to insert his penis when he caught the most foul whiff he had ever smelled in his life....he gagged and almost puked on her ass. He soldiered on and slowly moved his hand towards her butt cheeks so he could separate her gargantuan roast beef curtains....that's when he saw her entire ass crack and under pussy area infiltrated with cakey globs of white/tan ass cheese!!!

The pungent odor consumed him and he passed out on the spot...

When he woke up the next day, he had a dirty sanchez - ASS CHEESE STYLE! He vomited over and over until he passed out again.
by MYSTICBLU July 14, 2012

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The gigantic mole on Nanny Mcphee's face. Of all the disgusting stuff she has on her face at the start of the movie the mole is always the first to disappear when the little brats have learned their first "Mcphee-ism." At the sart of the movie she has the gigantic mole, huge buck "tooth," gigantic butt, and all types of other cosmetic nastiness....

By the end of the movie all her bodily grossness disappears and she is this gorgeous middle aged model looking woman (gotta love Hollywood).
When I was a little boy this ghastly looking pizza face woman said she was my nanny...she hit me with her cane and magical fairy dust engulfed the air...I choked on it and sneezed a big fairy dust booger on the Nanny's already wretched face. The next morning, I woke up and tripped on this huge brown squishy thing with what looks to be human hair growing out of it on the floor. That's when Nanny Mcphee materialized out of thin air and was conspicuously missing her mcphee mole!
by MYSTICBLU July 14, 2012

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What Stepanik says to Captain Tom Dodge when he reports for duty on the Navy "Stingray" diesel submarine.

Stepanik is wearing a wool see-through sweater vest and embodies the deusche bag persona of the "sit on it and rotate" phrase.
Cpt Dodge: "Welcome aboard sailor"
Seaman Stepanik: "Sit on it and rotate"
XO Pasquale: "YYOOUUUCANN'T SAY THATTT!!!!" "BWARRRRERER" < hyperventilating> "GWAAREHHHH"
by MYSTICBLU July 05, 2012

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