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a dude with an attitude.
A male example of an attdude is bad-boy rocker Tommy Lee
by Gym October 14, 2004
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The attitude of a dude who thinks he is far too cool but isn't. Used sarcastically
Person 1:"Hey check out that guys Attidude"

Person 2 (sarcastically): "Yeah a real cool one for sure."
by DualityJack April 06, 2017
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When a bitch acts like a dick but is still a pussypantsvaginaface.
Will: "Yo Jessie. Have you seen Marie lately? I saw her playing COD yesterday for like 8 hours straight."

Jessie: "Oh yeah man I heard about that. Did you hear that when Carl told her to put down the controller and go back to the kitchen she got up and shoved the controller up his ass."

Will: "Damn, that girl has a serious case of attidude"
by TardLicker November 12, 2010
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when your attitude is like the average guy
thinking mostly of
video games
and more
"henry has the most attidude"
"why does sally have so much attidude today?"
by ALI786 September 07, 2009
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