If someone says that their probably jerking off right now.
"Hey bro wanna hang out?" " No doing something right now"
by StemBR November 13, 2021
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A phrased used on someone who is already upset or angry, in an attempt to look tough because the other party won't resort to violence.
"Yeah, I stole your last Twinkie, do something!"
by pcaston2 October 7, 2005
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A phrase used by Florida State University's head football coach Willie Taggart. A phrase that is used to get lazy football players to get off their asses and be productive.
"James! quit crying over UF not offering a scholarship, Do Something!"
by Delta Papa August 17, 2018
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refering to sex, being naughty; wanting it
Tony: "yo man arent you supposed to be doing something?"

Daivd: "nawh man she aint ready."
by YoYo its JOE January 29, 2009
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verb. to defecate, pass excrement (usually used of babies/children)
As a child I was given an enema if I didn't do something for 4 days
by su france May 14, 2007
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agreeing to go out somewhere safe and private to indulge in smoking pot
Behind a tree, in the dark alley, on the beach, in someones cabin without children,or in a car with the windows closed lets do something.
by zindle April 27, 2008
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