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1) vulva/vagina
Almost certainly a proper technical term for the female organ(s) - consider the number of similar-sounding terms in both Latin and Germanic languages. Became a taboo word simply because it related to both sex and femininity - but many prefer it, finding that other everyday terms like "pussy" just don't have the right sound.

2) stupid/contemptible person of either gender
Only in America is this considered a specifically misogynistic insult. In Britain it is most likely to be heard amongst men quarelling.
(Message to board moderator who rejects my definitions:)
I may have a cunt, but don't presume I am one.
by su france September 03, 2005

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To aggressively fuck someone - consensually or otherwise
I'm in a dom-sub relationship - my husband can force fuck me anytime, anyplace, no warning.
by su france April 07, 2010

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1. Sexual intercourse; a partner in this
2. Have sexual intercourse with.
Note: over time, this verb has lost any implications re positions and active/passive roles. Women can use it of men, though they seldom do. (e.g early Sidi Bou Said song in which female vocalist wonders "shall I lay him? I don't know..."
by su france June 02, 2005

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The anus/rectum, esp. when viewed sexually
JB only fucks women up the shit hole
by su france December 29, 2007

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Vagina; female genitalia

Origin - possibly due to appearance but more likely a reference to menstruation as the word properly means a wound (bleeding). Not a nice word to hear in a sexual context but evocative of monthly messes - e.g
In the past few days my "cunt" has officially changed identity and become my "gash"
by Su France March 27, 2007

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anal virginity
account of porn star "deflowering" anal virgin: "...but when he pops her dewy cherry, she doesn't seem to like it"
by su france May 08, 2004

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1) the anus/rectum
2) (rarely) the vagina
he sticks his cock up her smellhole
by su france May 08, 2004

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