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One who has the ability to transfer life onto any surface by the magic of brain/eye to hand coordination.
Those who can paint realistically or not are artists for they transfer life onto a surface such as paper or canvas.

Drawing is a form of artistry.
by RuffledRaven March 12, 2013

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a sex toy that used to tickle the vagina.
Samantha looked forward to the night she'd recieve a dewfeather from her date.
by RuffledRaven January 17, 2013

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1.) the rotting portion of a fig that may cause a sensual feeling in the nipples relating to sex.

2.) The portion of an unrippened fig that allows it to reproduce and causes hormone growth in teens. i.e
The fignipple allowed Sally to once again feel attracted to her boyfriend, realizing what she was missing from her life was that of intimacy.
by RuffledRaven January 15, 2013

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The condition in which one has a fear or lack of being normal, living in normal conditions, having a normal life, i.e
1.) Bella Swanson has regaphobia because of her unnatural urge to become a blood-sucking, sparkling creature.
by RuffledRaven January 14, 2013

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