A gentleman who rides on the Marmite motorway. A pillow biter. Either a Quarter Back or a Wide Reciever. A botter.
Look at that gentleman he seems to be commiting an act of gross indecency on that other young chap. Yes, he is an arse bandit.
by Gary December 26, 2003
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Slang Phrase - Derogatory - Meaning Homosexual

Arse (meaning bottom, bum, rectum, anus)
Bandit (as in thief, Highway man, mugger)
You fucking Arse Bandit! Shit off!
by homo-humper October 01, 2004
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Someone who is Homoerotic, or takes it up the exit hole.
Oliver you are such an arsebandit, go away you prick.
by RB November 28, 2003
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Male homosexual. A.K.A. knobjockey, turdburglar, shitstabber, pillowbiter, shirtlifter, brownhatter, ginger, iron, fucking bender.
Michael Barrymore? Someone ought to top that fucking murdering arsebandit.
by titwanker April 10, 2003
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