"He doesn`t want a girlfriend,he`s a shirtlifter"
by wizard January 26, 2003
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A gay male who lifts his shirt (and bends over) for anal intercourse.

Primarily British usage.
Q. hey, is your mate a top?

A. No, he'll top sometimes, but he's really a shirtlifter.
by stsebastian November 15, 2009
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1. An active homosexual male
2. An indecisive Australian Rules football player
1. "Stay in front of me, ya bloody shirtlifter"
2. "Kick it, ya shirtlifter, some of us have got to work on Monday"
by Agg August 10, 2003
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What,pray, is a shirtlifter if not a shit trifler by any other name?
by sad lad January 4, 2008
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A big gay bear. A man who lifts up other mens' shirts, in order to gain a view of their exposed chests, from which he will glean homoerotic pleasure. He may store this image in a "mental wank bank" to assist him in masturbation at a later date.
"I'm a shirtlifter.I lifted up Phil's shirt. He has a gorgeous hairy chest. Ummmm."

"Hey lads, this isn't really my idea of skiing. I think I'm going to take off my skis and walk down."
by Louis25 January 15, 2006
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A homosexual male, who is required to lift up his partner’s shirt to penetrate his arse hole.
Friend 1: “Alex is a good mate”
Friend 2: “You know he’s a shirtlifter?”
Friend 1: “Oh, nevermind
by Banterous Banterlord January 12, 2018
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