A term used by people who don’t like calling people straight out assholes.
Why do you need to be such an arse?
by Unnamed October 10, 2003
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Arse is an Israeli slang word for someone, usually male, who listens to loud, shitty trance and arabic music, wears too-tight jeans, Pumas, and track jackets (usually all in bright colors), and is generally a dick. Arseim (the plural version) can be found at shopping malls, wandering around and generally pissing everyone off with their monumental lameness.
"What a fucking arse,"
"Seeing as I am a really huge arse, I'm going to go spend my mother's money on a new pair of Adidas and then skulk around like a dick for a while."
by samothrace May 17, 2006
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Somewhat goofy name for your butt. It is how many people in many countries refer to their ass. Only cool when said outside of the U.S., when used by an American it sounds stupid because they think saying arse makes them seem cute or intelligent. I can't imagine why.
Arse, Americans shouldn't say it.
by Yobastankertanker November 27, 2004
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British/UK/Australian way of saying bottom.

Unfortunately, the Americans stole it and (as seems to be tradition) americanised it into 'ass'.

There must be a lot of confusion in America with their getting rid of British words and using an existing word instead.
"I ride asses"
"Ha ha! Good for you, you fuck monster"

"Ooh, me arse 'urts"
by JJ4SS May 15, 2006
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means your shitter, unlike all these yankees are saying, it is not a way of being polite. ass isn't swearing, arse is, fuckin ass, its arse simple as that. ass = a donkey
by Aturner March 27, 2007
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backside, bum etc. (Not ass. ass is an animal, not your backside, ass was used by americans only because their forefathers hadn't got the guts to say arse)
wipe your arse. he needs a good kick up the arse.
by harryh December 24, 2005
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