ARSE: An alternate name for the human enzyme Arylsulfatase E coded by the ARSE gene.
"Could you please hand me that jar of ARSE."
"I think your ARSE gene is acting up."
by WreckedEm November 14, 2009
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n. Chiefly British Slang
The body excluding the head, neck, limbs and torso. Mistaken by some for the elbow.
David, move your arse an' let yer betters pass, you Swabian son of a sow
by Martin Burns September 09, 2007
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It's just a butt. A booty. A backside hump. A derriere. A freaking ass. It's not really that serious how you say. You sit it down on a toilet all the same.
I find it ironic that most of these narcissistic arsehole definitions and their authors shit on Americans just because they say "ass" in place of "arse". I also find it ironic that some of you asshole Americans are doing the same thing, acting just like the damn word - an arse/ass! Do we not have to crap all the same?
via giphy
by SouloHan December 14, 2017
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1) The Anal Retentive Society of Earners
known by many for their one meeting that never ended, and is rumored to still be continuing to this day.

2) An English derogatory term for one who is being an ass. Basically, it is just an ass with an accent
Willoby is an arse

Let's never go to the ARSE convention
by Heather P. September 17, 2003
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it's what British people call ass.

it's totally lame, and it's how you can tell that somebody is a tea drinking little bitch
Guy 1: You silly arse
Guy 2: Did you just call me an arse? What a fag
by Tommy Vancouver September 20, 2009
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means ass though nicer and prettier. Is used in England,Australia and New Zealand. Americans should not use this term, they sound very very very stupid. I am American, I do not say arse, because then i would sound stupid.
American: Don't fall on your arse! Ha ha, i said arse.
Everybody Else: Thats true, you did. Now we have to collectivly bitch slap you. sorry
by fillis March 24, 2005
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There, Uncle Sam, I said 'arse'! Are you gonna go and taddle to the American flag? HUH?!?
by B-Drac August 10, 2003
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