British (rather than exclusively Irish as previously asserted) pronunciation of 'ass'. To be used in the same context. Like the red squirrel by its grey cousin, this particular word is danger of being subsumed by the increasingly popular 'ass'. Can I urge you all to protect your arse if you want to keep it.
1. Your arse is quite delicious
2. Oh ARSE! I have spilt my pint.
3. Your mouth smells of arse.
by dogshelf March 28, 2005
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British, Oz, Irish definition of the derriere, backside, bum, bottom, etc...

It is NOT a FANNY as you yanks call it, a fanny is a front bottom, vagina, beaver, hairy axe wound etc...
'Don't you stick that up my arse, it hurts.'
by Posh birds do it best February 07, 2005
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Australian, British and Irish word for a person's rear end.

Unlike America, we spell it properly :P
by ChibiTaryn August 01, 2003
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A british slang word, which has the same meaning as ass, which is bum.

Can be added to the end of a sentence, to contradict the meaning of the sentence.
im gonna kick your arse!
Ow, my arse hurts!
You'll marry him, my arse!
by krackpipe December 13, 2003
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Used as an exclaimation when something bad happens. Used in the same context as crap.
Arses, mysterious chicken stole all of our pie!
by SkuM001 November 27, 2003
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1. Posterior
2. Displeasure
1. Get off your lazy arse.
2. E.g. (drops toast butter side up) "Arse!"
by bonzo February 09, 2004
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Is similar to Arsenal as they are both full of shit!
Person1: "Whats that smell??"
Person2: "Oh thats just arsenal"
by manutdfan4life March 22, 2005
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