Each of two or more words having the same spelling but different meanings and origins (e.g., to, two, and too)
It is a common mistake to use the word their in place of its homonym there.
by Primordial November 22, 2011
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Homonyms are words that can be either homophones and/or homographs. Homonyms are a blend of both of them.

A common example might be Mould vs Mold. While these can interchangeably refer to shape / fungus and vice versa, some English language professors ask students to use "Mould" for shaping whereas they should use "Mold" for fungus.
Student : I hate homonyms

Student 2: yeah they're so confusing.
by Hamolteans July 22, 2023
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“I wanna eat uzi’s ass” “damn John at least say no homonym
by XXXtentasemen September 20, 2018
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Attacking someone's grammar/spelling in debate rather than focusing on their argument. An intentional play on the word "ad hominem".
Person A: I think you're argument is illogical. Here are several well-reasoned arguments why I think so.

Person B: It's "your", not "you're". I will now call you names like "illiterate imbecile" while completely ignoring the fact that you pwned me in reason and logic.

Person A: That's an ad homonym attack.
by mais March 21, 2013
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When someone uses a homonym in an incorrect way. Examples of this can be viewed everyday on Facebook.
We are heading out for happy hour now, just meat us their.
I love you to.
There dog is big.
Your my little sugar bare.

How many homonym busts do you see in those sentences?
by casefacee November 6, 2009
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In a debate (or perceived debate) a casual remark that sounds like an insult, and is perceived as one.
Norma: I think we may be getting rain soon.

Betty: Actually, Norma, after analyzing the latest data, including local atmospheric pressure, temperature and cloud characteristics, and the velocity of fronts within a 100 mile radius, I conclude that we will NOT be getting rain soon.

Norma: Well, Betty. It sounds like, when you grow up, you might be quite the mee-tee--a-rol--o--gist.

Betty: Are you calling me FAT?

Norma: ????

Betty: You clearly know nothing about weather, and you try to overcome your ignorance by saying that when I grow up, I'll be a MEATY urologist. Ad hominem attacks have no place in rational discussions.

Norma: No, Betty. Your scientific knowledge actually impresses me. I said you were going to be quite the METEOROLOGIST when you grew up.

Betty: Oh, so I thought it was an ad hominem...

Norma: and it was really only an ad homonym!

(meterologist homonym courtesy of Richard Lederer)
by I. Wagner November 30, 2006
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