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a dildo that is giant, it straps to your arm and is more brutal than fisting a chick.
That chick just took the great american challange, a baseball bat, a boling pin and a football.. sideways, now lets see if your mom can take the armadildo.
by malibu biff July 20, 2008
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A dildo with all of the traits of an armadillo. It has an outer layer made of bone and a long pointy head with teeth. It is nocturnal and moves very fast. They can not operate in cold climates.
On a hot southern night, when the sun goes down, you can hear the Whipperwills and the hum of armadildos in the air.
by Deborah Lee July 01, 2006
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A game where when you shove a dildo up an armadillos asshole, and it stays there. To win, the dildo you stuck up an armadillo's ass must stay there longer then your opponents.
Kid1: What do you want to do today?
Kid2: How about a game of armadildo?
Kid1: Sure!
by X-xPooeyGlooeyx-X January 28, 2017
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A religious fanatic who believes the world is about to end in armageddon.
Q. What's with that guy dragging the cross around?
A. He's an armadildo who says the world is ending this weekend.
by euphemismo October 29, 2011
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haha.. armaDILDO, that's funny. okay so i don't know how to explain this apart from maybe making a picture in your mind about an armadillo with a dildo, yeah idk let's just see if it gets publish aye
i searched up 'armadildo' instead of 'armadillo' and i was not disapointed, hahahahahaha
by oh puh-leeze July 10, 2018
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