A god of all structures living on earth.

Strong and power and is a present almighty greek god.

Not found to be real or fake, it is chosen to religious beliefs.
He had lots of power like Ariu.
She bowed down to the almight Ariu.
by Pandagon April 11, 2020
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My skinny 5'3 mixed Caucasian looking boyfriend that has brown hair but acts like if his body is like an 80 year old man. That also games but still pays attention to me.
"So thats Arius?"
"Yeah..dont mention it, we love eachother"
by mightyuck4k January 14, 2021
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A name derived from the Greek god Ares, god of war.

Usually a very sexy Greek man, desired by many. He gets who he wants but is allways caring and loving towards his partner.
Arius is so hot and sexy, I want him so bad!
by Alexis Rodrigues January 24, 2009
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Usually a tall and kind guy, with sweet eyes and is very attractive. Looks like a jock but probably doesn't play much sports. Often torn between wanting stability in life and having a strong curiosity for dangerous and new experiences.

Arius is strong, loyal, wild and exciting to be around. He also has a mysterious side.
He is a great hugger and knows how to get cozy.

The name Arius means "Immortal".

If you're friends with an Arius, get ready for some impulsive adventures.
"I never have a dull moment when hanging out with Arius!"

"I feel like I could tell Arius anything."

"Arius just jumped that fence!"
by where.am.i December 28, 2022
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It's a man who has a long cock and gets all the girls
Wow ariu is so hot you can see his cock coming out of his pants it's so long
by HostUrbanDictionary July 19, 2020
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A dickhead/wanker. Has no friends and is adopted. They are opposite to a goat and actually shit af.
by Rhino racer 111 May 31, 2020
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A term used when someone or somethings age is impossible to find out.
Person 1: Have you seen Chris White
Person 2: Nope
Person 1: How old is he
Person 2: I dont know. I like Arius :)
by BigWangWongJuanCena July 13, 2019
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