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Football player, the best of his generation undoubtedly, if not the best player of all time (cetainly the best I've seen and i've been watching football since 1974).

Famous for the so-called 'hand of god' goal against England in the 1986 world cup, demonised ever since, not as if English players ever cheat now is it?

Pathetically, was voted Scotland's 'sportsman of the century' in 1999 but this is just typical of the small minded attitude and low-level racism of most jocks.
Maradona was a great football player. What he was and is as a man is irrelevant.
by Ben Dover of the Yard August 31, 2004
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the greatest player ever to set foot on a football ground. best even than pele. he, alone, won a world cup for argentina (mexico 86) and leaded the team to first runner up the following world cup (italy 90). although brits consider him a cheater, they can´t deny that they´re simply jealous about a man like that. not beckham, no rooney, no owen, no charlton, no whomever the fuck will appaer will match his greatness. sorry lads, better luck next life!
lineker: -oh, there goes maradona...
beckham: -don´t mind him, he´s a cheater...
lineker: -are you a fag? since when did you care about shit like that? don´t you understand that i was completly shocked by his performance. he´s the greatest player ever.
beckman: -yeah, but, did maradona ever fuck a girl like mi chavette posh?
lineker: -he´s coming from your home, where he fucked her and let romeo and brooklyn watch just for fun.
by calixto1973 July 24, 2006
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a chauvinistic, shit talking, epic, category-5 douchbag of a drama queen whose train wreck just keeps on unfolding.
Diego, obnoxiously yelling at the other team's kids, during a little league soccer game while his kids play "Hey fattie, go home and eat some cake" as he turns to the soccer mom next to him with a grin "what's up sugar tits"

Bob: Dude stop being such a Maradona!
by leog July 04, 2010
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A fat guy who is addicted to drugs.
Yo, how's the crack business pal?

Good, thanks to that maradona!
by someone December 07, 2003
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to be supremely talented and still get over when your talent is gone. See also: O.J. Simpson. Best viewed by those who live in lands far away from the individual.
maradona gets over again, but his second goal was even better.
by major_delmac March 04, 2005
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