The best person all around. If theres ever a person you need to trust, trust ernesto. Hes a bit akward and weird but he is a great friend.
Friend: "Hey i have a secret and i need to to telm someone but i dont know who"
Friend #2: " Tell Ernesto! He'll take your secret to the grave."
by Ana910 January 1, 2018
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Ernesto is a lovely, sweet and smart person. People will always hate on him and exes will always seek for his attention. Who ever has Ernesto in their life is very lucky.
"Why can't I have Ernesto back in my life?"
by Exes March 14, 2017
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a ninja assassin who uses stealth and speed techniques to evade, outsmart and gain advantage over his opponent.
Be careful! He's an ernesto!
by quickness October 1, 2007
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A sexy latino guy that has a huge penis and is a hit with the ladies.
OMG did you see that sexy guy.... I think his name's Ernesto...damn I heard he has a huge penis...
by Nopeman October 30, 2014
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A guy with a huge dick no like really the Mexican genes gave him the biggest cock
"hey ernesto can i suck your dick?"
by A funny feller May 6, 2021
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This guy is someone you want to have in your life. He is always trust worthy and if you tell him a secret he will never tell anyone, these exclusive Ernesto,s are always tall, black hair and best part there Cuban if you ever find someone with this name Ernesto talk to him he will help you the entire way through life and will always support you and will always try to make you happy he all so likes old fashion music and likes the nerdy type of girls not drama queens!
Wow you know Ernesto hes really nice and likes everyone him he trys his best to help and make people laugh!
by RedandBlue1324 February 19, 2019
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A tall handsome guy. Loves sports but he mostly love skating. Is a every nice guy. He can have anyone if he wanted them
Person #1: hey did you see the hot guy over there
Person #2: yea his name is Ernesto
by Alt.mami March 9, 2016
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