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a path of hair that starts at the belly button and end somewhere in the pubic region. It doesn't look very good on girls.
That girl has a happy trail, they call it a happy trail, but nobody is happy after seeing it. They should call it a sad trail.
by MCSD April 13, 2005
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The one of the most beautiful countries in the world.The first spanish speaking country to gain its independece(1844).It occupyes 2/3 of the hipaniola, which it shares with Haiti.The Dominican Republic is rich in culture also. Its capital is Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic is also known for its beautiful women, native music(merengue and bachata), and our famouse athletes (most of the mlb).
Man, have you gone to the dominican republic lately? its its awesome!
by MCSD February 09, 2005
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achronym for Toung On Penis, or Toung On Pussy.
Yo that chick gives some good top. Dipset bitch!
by MCSD June 10, 2005
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tits i'd like to suck
dude, check out that chick with those tilts
by MCSD July 17, 2005
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pretty cool country, beatiful girls; not the best country though. Home to the one of the most kick ass latins; che guevara.
Ernesto "che" Guevara lives on!
by MCSD March 16, 2005
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