Zippy, zippy dudes.

A super-rad team of 7 sometimes 8 masked marauders here to save the world from monster M, throw killer cool pool parties, and play some silly ska songs along the way.

The drummer from Blink 182 got his start here.
Aquacadet: The Aquabats sure did rock the casbah, homeslice!

Regular Joe: What are you talking about?
by Jerkworthy November 7, 2003
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Seriously awesome comedy band mixing 80s synth pop, ska, surf and punk. The band have a very loyal following and a fan club, where the members are referred to as the Cadets.
by Charlie May 1, 2004
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An improper way to refer to The Aquabats. In my world saying this would result in a 200$ fine!
by Mattersy January 15, 2004
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The most super skankalicious band of all time. They battle evil doers with glooey hands and cirlces of love. Their seriously awesome superadness cannot be beaten or matched.
by floatingeyeofsuperadness February 1, 2004
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THE MOST AWESOME BAND IN THE UNIVERSE! They are hotter than the centre of the sun, they are some SERIOUS AWESOMENESS!
Chris Tarrant: 'And for the million pound question, can you tell me what the best in the world is called?'
Some cool guy: 'The Aquabats.'
Chris Tarrant: 'Thats absolutly right, you totally win!!!
by Frarg Muffin January 4, 2004
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group of super heros that play ska (or aquabeat) that are seriously, the best band in the world.
by The DexBat July 12, 2003
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the super-raddinest band in the world!! they like to sing about worms and twoheaded cats.
my friends think the aquabats are annoying and it makes me very angry.
by irene-o November 8, 2003
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