The greatest band of all time, and the greatest crimefighters as well.
These 7 (or 8) masked heroes of justice roam the earth defeating such enemies as Powdered Milk Man, The Cat With Two Heads, and GWAR and then making kikass songs about their adventures.

Cast out of their homeland of Aquabania by their nemisis Space Monster M, they were given super powers of rock by The Proffesor and now seek to take over the world with their music.

They rule.
The Aquabats are pretty darned nifty if you ask me.
by Mattersy January 15, 2004
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the gretaets band of all time.
immature men in tights
and damn sexy bat commander
mwuhahahahahahahahahahaha the aquabats rule!
by topamonster May 03, 2005
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if you don't know that by now, you're pretty dumb.

superheroes that kick evil villains' butts. and you get to watch.
the aquabats will take down space monster M. just watch.
by paluzzi July 09, 2005
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The best band in the world. Not many people know about them but the people who do are true fans and love their music. they play some really goofy ska and have a great drummer, and used to have Travis Barker forever ago. They are all great musicians who encourage all listeners to just lighten up and have fun. Listen to the aquabats.
Hey dude have you ever listened to the aquabats?
yeah bro they bring me back.
by TomfromSCREWtown November 09, 2007
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A group of superheroes sent away from their island by Monster "M" and his nefarious friends. They decided to conquer the world, then return to their homeland again. They are led by the heroic Bat Cammander, and followed by a loyal legion of Cadets. They are armed with several cds, and EP, and a B-side collection. Evil-doers beware!
The Aquabats vanquished the Floating Eye with their giant robot with a bird-like head, thus saving humanity yet again!
by Crash McLarson August 06, 2004
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Zippy, zippy dudes.

A super-rad team of 7 sometimes 8 masked marauders here to save the world from monster M, throw killer cool pool parties, and play some silly ska songs along the way.

The drummer from Blink 182 got his start here.
Aquacadet: The Aquabats sure did rock the casbah, homeslice!

Regular Joe: What are you talking about?
by Jerkworthy November 07, 2003
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greatest band/superheroes in the world. come from teh island of Aquabania. Consists of MC bat Commander, Ricky Fitness, Crash Mclarson, the Robot, and more. they play amazing music that makes people want fight crime.their concerts are also amazing as they are usually attacked onstage
the aquabats are my heroes
by obtuse November 23, 2006
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