41 definitions by Char H

Knocked askew. Alternate spelling of cattywampus, alternate form of Kittywampus. Seems to be a regional thing.
"I hit my head and started walking all kattywampus."
by Char H January 08, 2006
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A devout follower of the band Manowar.
Someone who upholds the standards of True Metal and denounces false metal.
"That hair farmer is a true Manowarrior!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
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A vagina (usually shaved) that looks like it starts up on the abdomen, way to close to the navel. Can be used as an insult to describe a very, very uptight or uptight-looking woman.
Guy one: "That girl I said 'hi' to didn't even acknowledge me."
Guy two: "Yeah, she looks like she has a long pussy, anyway."
Guy three (speaking like a pirate or viking): "Arrgghh! To the long pussy!"
by Char H January 08, 2006
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A bastardisation of approximately and positively first used by people of marginal education. Even though those two words have different degrees of certitude, approximatively originally meant approximately but has since evolved to mean approximately with slightly more certitude, but not quite positively.
guy one: "How long will you be?"
guy two: "approximatively 15 minutes."
by Char H January 08, 2006
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An exclamation of startled or pained suprise.
The proper pronunciation has most of the emphasis on the first sylable with a slight pause before saying the remainder of the word (EI-chano!)
Alternate spelling: ichano
Guy 1: "I just ran over your dog."
Guy 2: "EICHANO!"
by Char H January 07, 2006
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A superfluous flap or nodule of skin on a girl's anus. Comes from an incident where I misheard a friend refering to such a skin flap while reviewing a porno movie. I have no idea what she really said...I was laughing too hard to find out. Now in fairly common usage.
"This porno would be really hot, but her Elvis pringle kinda creeps me out."
by Char H January 08, 2006
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A large orgy where everything/anything goes.
I think the neighbors are having another all-night everythingathon.
by Char H January 11, 2006
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