Zurich rugby club's beverage of choice.
Another round of appletinis please, shot Sama!
by Daddy Long-Legs September 16, 2013
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Alcoholic drink: half apple, half tini.
Hey, can I get an appletini, easy on the tini? ... you can really taste the apples.
by johnnywaxol May 25, 2008
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the only drink (besides a nectorini)that a man can get at a bar without feeling homosexual.
ummm bartender appletinis all around
by EarthToDavid January 1, 2009
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to be bought a appletini by some one and be forced to drink it as fast as you can. before you drink it you have to say "im Samantha" and after you chug it you have to say "i sleep with everyone" sometimes a picture or video of you is taken during the process of being appletinied and then posted on a social network site.
Son i got appletinied three times last night. everyone at the bar thought i was gay.
by dc217 October 21, 2010
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Tem used to describe a woman who wears A cup bra's
Look at that girl...yeah those are some nice Appletini's
by Hooter31987 December 4, 2009
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A bar crawl solely with appletinis.

The first ever recorded Appletini Crawl began on January 25th, 2014 at DC Reynolds.
Lush A: I'm looking for a pub crawl theme that is high in alcoholic content, class and or fun, and high in fiber.
Lush B: Have you considered an Appletini Crawl? It has apple.
Lush A: Superb. I'll bring the glow sticks.
by Appletini Crawl Inventor February 1, 2014
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