thread on used by geeks to insult each other
apples are shit blah blah...
no theyre not blah blah...
by oracle March 13, 2004
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The first computer company that marketted a preassembled PC. Started by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs somewhere around 1976. This company grew a cult-like following of users.
by K Schade July 6, 2003
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In the beginning Apple said, "Let there be home and educational computers and let them be totally proprietary and we shall make tons of money." And they were pretty good. Then IBM said, "Lets build some small business computers and make the achitecture completely open and lots of people will make lots of money and we'll create a whole industry." They were good, too. Then Apple said, "IBM is an evil empire. Apple computers are for the rest of us." All I have to say is IBM gave birth to Dell, Compaq, ATI, etc., etc., and (unfortunately) turned Microsoft into a real evil empire. What has Apple done except try to enrich themselves?
PC's for people who prefer exclusivity to practicality.
by Wonder Dog July 6, 2003
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A company that once enjoyed being cool without effort; but now relies on that old coolness for meager profits.
That's a trendy apple computer, Bill
by Reckless Rambler July 5, 2003
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A nice-looking but expensive computer that runs a tenth as fast as it should.
"Fucking Windows XP, if I wanted my laptop to run as slow as that I'd buy an Apple computer"
by Bitchy tech-head July 4, 2003
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The eye-candy of computer technology. Looks good, but sucks ass.
Apple computers are what PCs will look like in 1000 years. And in 1000 years, Apple won't exist.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 20, 2003
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