Modern day supporter of political slavery; A secular State-Worshiper; Member of the cult of the State; An irrational, immoral, collectivist parasite which leeches off the productive private sector at the point of a gun, while attempting to justify such behavior through invalid, unethical, altruistic arguments. Uses statist law (oppressive edicts backed by criminal violence) to intimidate and run the neo-slave racket. Typically found in government, politics, bureaucracy, police, military and law; aka Supporter of such; Governmentalist; Nationalist; A degenerate sub-human who makes your life a living hell; An accident just waiting to happen...
A statist is just about anyone who's not an anarcho-capitalist
by ANCAPS September 1, 2008
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Someone who believes in the practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy.
A statist believes in extremely heavy government intervention in personal matters and moderate to high government intervention in economic matters. They generally believe in a centralized state with a social safety net and strong laws restricting personal liberty.
by adamythos October 8, 2010
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Anyone holding the paradoxical belief that people are more competent to govern each other than they are to make individual choices.
"They either want a war on drugs or a war on guns or a war on speech or a war on business. Stupid statists."
by word_g33k February 17, 2013
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Someone, who out of fear, ignorance or a sense of misplaced duty blindly follows the rules of a government without considering whether those rules are fair or just. Giving the state the benefit of the doubt as opposed to the citizens of the state. Unfortunately, most statists will never receive the special treatment from their government that they think they have earned or deserve.
Anyone who believes the official story about anything and uses the word "conspiracy theorist" is probably a statist.
by SeahawksOwnthe49ers April 14, 2014
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A form of mental illness in which someone believes that a government body run by corporations, is needed to threaten and imprison people for there own safety. It is similar to terrorism but much more accepted in society. It is based on false logic, and hypocritical legislative bodies to promote fascism, much like Nazi Germany.
Statist "You broke the law, the state of california says you can't stand on the sidewalk after 9pm!!! You deserve to be punished for the terrible crime you committed!"

Logical Person "Is the state a legal entity that can lawfully enforce laws upon people? Where were they granted the authority?"
by Freedom4everyone January 14, 2017
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A strawman epithet used to attack rational people who understand the value of government in functional society. Often uttered by people who claim to be anti-collectivist but mindlessly fall into herd mentality because they lack the ability to think independently.
"I tried to calmly explain to him how government funded programs make technological progress possible, and he replied with 'OMGUSTATISTPIG'. There's no use in reasoning with people who don't believe in reason, I guess."
by I'm So Cratic May 26, 2017
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A term created by Ayn Rand. ( one of the only things she did unbiasedly and honestly.) A person who worships or shows unnatural devotion to the state, be it a country or city or literally a state (indirectly or directly it does not matter, consciously or subconsciously both are possible.) An example would be someone who speaks as though the law defines right and wrong, simply "because". To elaborate- believing the law defines right or wrong because it was made by the state is an example. For whatever reason, there are many people like this guilty of these tendencies. Consciously and subconsciously people can act and be statist or show beliefs in statism. Another example could be someone who would follow a order from a state official (meaning government official -and/or someone who works for the state) blindly just "because". For whatever reason, if it's a blind reason like because the state is right or the state is like God "you must obey". If you were to say, do something a cop commanded in fear for your life, that is not statist, but if u were to blindly listen and follow, that is statist.
Guy 1: stealing is always wrong! The law says so!
Guy 2: you sound like a statist. Your devotion is the same as those that would run into a building with bombs on them because they believed some government or religious power or entity told them to.
by WordsofTruth217 December 29, 2015
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