10 definitions by didier

a racist is someone who doesn't cast any black in his movie if he is a film director. or he doesn't let an asian play james bond. or simply says he doesn't worship some mexican
racist is not illegal
by didier May 8, 2007
a rather developed country. not poorer than italy!
slovenia is a country which can kiss italy's ass
by didier April 27, 2007
offensive word to black people before the movement in 60s, before "black" became an epitome of " beauty", actually nigger or negro is the right word. black people didn't want to be called black, before they are told they should be proud of their blackness
black is once extremely offensive to negroids
by didier May 11, 2007
a short term for japanese, derived from WWII , unpolite.
see those wealthy but filthy Japs
by didier April 24, 2007
the italians are the most beautiful people in the world, they are originally "white people", people from north europe were barbarian not white, before they got mixed with those artistic looking italians
a hot american guy is bound to have italian ancestry

italy rules
by didier April 24, 2007