A phrase describing a huge let down. Synonymous to being disappointed. Originated from a disappointing manga/anime.
- Have you seen the final season of this show?
- Yep, it totally aoted me.
by Avurone February 9, 2022
An abbreviation for the term 'All Over The Shop'
"Hey Leon, I wouldn't mind a go of that Madjens, would you STBOOIA?"

"Oh aye! AOTS"
by A-Blue August 18, 2009
Those KD girls are so fly, they're AOT!
by daggergirl87 October 7, 2008
Acronym for Aspect of the End, an early-game sword in Hypixel Skyblock. Many people use it later on due to its teleporting ability.
I dropped my AOTE, could you give it back?
by SkyblockNerd April 14, 2021
A short of Atack on Titan
Have you seen the final season of AOT?
by Omi Omi March 29, 2021
Did you see Mildred last night? She completely stacked it and went aot.

My computer has completely messed up, it's aot.
by Smooth Sloth March 2, 2018
"All of the sudden." Meant to be used in texts or Twitter, Facebook feeds when conserving space in a status.
Everything was fine at work, but then I got a massive headache AOTS.

Craving pizza and rap music AOTS.
by todderfodder January 11, 2010