An anime where people get turned into giant naked monster things and eat people constantly, their only weakness is the fidget spinner (Levi Ackerman). This anime is all about how much they hate eldians and terrorize them on an island called Paradis with their eldians being injected and heading for the walls.

eren- "I will kill every titan in my path!"
older eren- "I will kill everyone except the titans"
my friend- "anime is for kids"
me- *shows him aot*
my friend- "oh god"
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"Among other things".

A simple way to add a touch of perviness to anything you say in IM.

Can also be used as a game-- attaching it to the end of EVERYTHING you say to make yourself sound like an extreme pervert who's either 11 years old, has little to no life, is bored, ect.
A: "His stomach, aot, is FRIGGIN' huge! Titanic-size."
B: "Ew. dude, tmi."

Best I can do.
by Superboredperv August 16, 2009
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Stands for "Attack On Titan" also called "Shingeki no Kyojin" which is probably one of the most epic animes you will ever watch.
by GiffyW May 31, 2013
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Abbreviation for the show "Attack of the Show" on G4.
"That episode of AOTS kicked ass."
by AOTS master November 19, 2005
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