An app with loads of TRASH games in and it's a rlly good food that your teacher stuffs in your laptop and that's how the app pops up in it.
Ok class we will be playing some Purple Mash on the laptop!
*stuffs a whole load of purple mash in the laptops*
A very epic tiktoker that does very funny content and i never get bored of watching his videos.
Me: *walks in a gtag server with only 2000 followers*
A bongle is a type of gender that is very weird, whenever a bongle goes close to another gender it will screech and deafen the gender. anyone else around will DIE. What this gender looks like is the body is a block and the rest are made from circles.
"oh hey man what's that?"
"oh its a bongle, but don't go near it"
"WHAT DID I TELL YO-" *dies*
"what did he say?"
a blob thing is a blob that sticks on your face while saying YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, it will stay there until you hit it with a stick.
"oh hey man wanna go get subway?"
"ok let me show you my pet"
"woah what is that"
"its a blob thing"
Boblib is a terrible virus that will attack your body at once. The affects from the Boblib virus is you will firstly have a spasm attack on the floor, then you may have your body parts fall off and the rest will grow way too much hair. When you look like a monkey with body parts on the floor, if you go close to someone you will die from another terrible spasm attack. The way you get this virus is if you touch a Vegan (it will be very bad if you touch that vegan teacher).
"oh hey man I accidently bumped into a Vegan today and I immediately had a spasm attack, do you know why?"
*his arms fall off*
An anime where people get turned into giant naked monster things and eat people constantly, their only weakness is the fidget spinner (Levi Ackerman). This anime is all about how much they hate eldians and terrorize them on an island called Paradis with their eldians being injected and heading for the walls.

eren- "I will kill every titan in my path!"
older eren- "I will kill everyone except the titans"
my friend- "anime is for kids"
me- *shows him aot*
my friend- "oh god"