To profusely defecate in the midsts of extreme anxiety.
"bro how was midterms week?"
"dude so stressful my anxiarrhea was off the fucking charts."
by carrot soup March 16, 2018
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Extreme anxiety experienced by a person, causing unexpected amounts of diarrhea.
The coffee I drank this morning, mixed with my worries of the final exam, gave me a bad case of anxiarrhea.
by Cummy worm June 11, 2012
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The result of anxiety causing you to have crazy amounts of diarrhea.
This job interview tomorrow morning has given me a case of anxiarrhea.
by Bra Miller November 4, 2010
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Having such strong anxiety that you develop diarrhea.
Oh gosh.. that test is making me so nervous that I think I’m gonna have Anxiarrhea!
by Sumstoopidstuff March 18, 2019
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