!. A hole where doo doo exits the body.

2. A home for the adventurous penis.

3. My favorite body part!
1. Hey man, nice anus you got there!

2. Yo mama's anus is so big you could fit a mellon up it!

3. Gee mom, I wish my anus was as big as yours!
by biganusman October 25, 2009
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The anus, or 'mahogany knot' is a part of the body controlled by a sphincter muscle. It has three primary functions.
The same rules apply for animals. Including #2 in some parts of the world.

1) To expel waste matter (feces, dogs eggs) from the body.
2) To provide an alternative orifice on a lady/animal for penis insertion. Or as the main orifice for men.
3) To be used as an insult
by Vase April 20, 2007
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an extremely smart and kind person. she always thinks of the feeling of others, but she can roast anyone if she is given the opportunity. she also has a terrifying skill of redeeming information from the internet.
"Don't get on Anu's bad side, she'll dig up stuff"
by jfeiowahgiorea December 28, 2015
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An affectionate way to call someone an idiot/loser.
Jenna and Joe were best friends. Joe slipped on a grape. "You're an anus," Jenna said.
by Mexican Skier October 09, 2005
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The ring shaped area, located between the two buttock cheeks at the lower rear end of the torso.
Can be used in abusive content to describe someone as an anoying individual to try to undermine and make them severely insecure.

Ring, bum hole, homo-entry hole
1. I have a slightly ruptured anus

2. George, you are a total Anus head

3. My anus seems to be leeking gravy

by Nigel Peterson November 07, 2007
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A beautiful, stylish, diverse girl Anu’s tend to be very stubborn yet kind and are very down to earth and honest which gets them hated sometimes. They are also very confident and don’t care for what others think of them overall they are loved highly and they are poppin
Anu is too leng

Anu is a sweet one
by Rasclaut May 02, 2019
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Anu is the name of a Sumerian god. It means "the Heavenly One", name of a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, king of gods, spirits and demons, who dwelt in the highest heavenly region. Anu is smart enough to prove the world wrong.

She is sarcastic, funny but really sweet and kind hearted at the same time. Out of any guy would be lucky to be with her or even have her as a friend. She will be always there for you no matter what.
Damnn, Anu is cute.
via giphy
by Sarcastic anu March 20, 2020
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