Anus can be exchanged for hip, cool, groovy, rockin, super, great, superb, funky, hot, gold, perfect, awesome.

It means good things.
Turbo, "yo Hammer, that car is sweet"
Hammer "Yeah Turbo, its totally anus!"
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an extremely smart and kind person. always has everyone else's feelings in mind, but she can roast anyone if she is given the opportunity. also, she has a terrifyingly amazing skill for finding information on the internet.
"Don't get on Anu's bad side, she can di up dirt on anyone!"
by jfeiowahgiorea December 28, 2015
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An exquisite word commonly used by men and woman of divine background, used in the most appropriate instances. only after reaching a point of spiritual comedic enlightenment, will one be granted the right to use this powerful phrase. It can also be interpreted as an entire language, known as anus, where you take the first few letters of a word and add the word β€œanus” onto the end.
Anus the fanus banus amirite guys lol
by Antoni van Leewenhoek November 13, 2018
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A special area the stimulation of which women must, for unknowable reasons, pretend they don't enjoy until, after months of gentle rubbing they allow ever-increasing amounts of penetration.
He rubbed my anus with his thumb every time he ate me out, and I just got sick of pretending it wasn't the best feeling I'd ever experienced, so I let him fuck my anus.

I never met the guy before, and he licked my anus.

Hey girls let's all get together and dildo each others' anuses, and never tell men the truth about our secret anal dildo parties that all women attend religiously.
by fsjnsdofjsdffiwekfdowopo April 07, 2011
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the posterior end of the digestive track.
WOW she has such a big anus!!! i think i will invent a new type of pressure spot with her!!
by ANTISKANKZ May 08, 2007
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