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A person who is punctual to the point of being annoying. Someone who shows up early for everything, then starts calling or texting because you aren't already there. An anticrastinator is the person who shows up at a party half an hour early and starts banging on the door, when no one else is there yet and the host is still in the shower. Opposite of procrastinator, and often also a neat freak. Procrastinators and anticrastinators tend to annoy the living shit out of each other.
Matt is a such an anticrastinator. He told me to be ready at 2, but then left without me when I wasn't ready at 1:45 because "he wasn't going to wait around all day".

When I showed up 5 minutes early for my appointment, I got told off for being late - they expected me to be 15 minutes early. My doctor is an anticrastinator.
by Mooltittle January 02, 2013
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