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A meme of which the joke is that there is no joke. (noun)
Ex: "Bae: come over.

Me: I can't I'm doing homework.

Bae: my parents aren't home.
Me: My apologies, but my grades in this class are very low, and unless I don't want to get into honors, I better get going on it, so thank you for the offer, but I politely decline.
Person reading meme: What a anti meme !
by Ricardohasherpes November 15, 2016
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When an advertising company/company or an adult misuses a meme or creates a HORRIFYING "meme", it is an anti meme. For example, the fairly recent advertisement released by Wendy's that says;

" so deliciously hot it's generating reactions from everyone! Like, The Memer."
"woah! Eats spicy goodness... LIKE A BOSS."


*watches wendy's commercial*

"wow, what an anti meme..."
by QueenNarwhal March 29, 2017
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