When you become depressed because you run a meme page
Person 1: hey my guy, what's wrong

Person 2: I just have the meme page blues
by Creepy_JDC September 4, 2017
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A shitty genre of profiles that have overrun the Instagram algorithm.
Me: Follow my instagram meme page @Zelda_______
Regular people: Hell no.
by DaxtonRiggs November 17, 2017
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A meme page that steals from other thriving meme pages or is just gay. Usually the admin is a fat ass 25 year old who lives in his mother's basement or a 12 year old addicted to hentai porn.
Jim: hey pam are you starting a meme page
Pam: yea but im stealing other people's memes
Dwight: oh no pam, you're a normie meme page
Michael: she probably has a few extra chromosomes
by uterusboy January 18, 2018
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some schools block youtube on the school computers and on school issued acounts, so while at school some students will make meme pages on google slides because you can insert vids without them being blocked. (particularly used by middle schoolers)
Hey did you see the new meme I posted on the meme page?
yea it made me laugh till I cried.
by saskenarutosakuraLOVE October 21, 2019
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The place where people go to expell their terrible dark humor. Its were go go to let a little evil out when being forced to put on a smile all day at work. This is the meme mansion for taking a dump.
Mitchell Korbin had to put 89 Marbles in his butthole from that one post Nipples put on Anti-Everything Meme Page.
A private account on Instagram that posts either memes form 2010 or sponsers, and nothing else. They often have thousands of followers because they pay other Instagram meme pages to shout them out, or they own other Instagram meme pages and they shout them selves out.
by TheNotSoSmart1 November 15, 2019
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