The coolest. Superior in coolness to all else. Used only when the coolness of something is definitive, classic, the model of coolness in its category or class. As in, Antarctica is the coldest place on earth, so anything which is cool is cool, anything way cool is way cool, but anything antarctic is the coolest.
Man, that's not cool, that's freakin' antarctic...
by CoolDah August 25, 2006
High tension between to people after an argument, falling out, break up etc.
After that break up things have been antarctic between you two.
by Eby55 April 25, 2011
A large, furry, albino ape-man that is native to the south pole. This is why the United States government forbids trespassing in Antarctica. So next time you are boating in the Antarctic Ocean do NOT go ashore!
Sadly, due to global warming, the Antarctical Snowman will probably be extinct before we are all forced to move there. But, if you do see one, don't call it abomnimable, because that is politically incorrect.
by Kahdlibber October 10, 2017
The faction that is currently being ruled over by The King of Antarctica, Technoblade.

It is the most strongest faction in SMP Earth and has 5 players into the faction, but the mainly trio consists of :

Technoblade, Ph1lza & VoiceOverPete
Technoblade: I will form the Antarctic Empire
The world: oh no, we are doomed
by MinecraftDex February 7, 2020
Whilst in a sub zero climate, make your girl squirt from her pussy. The squirt shall freeze mid-air and one proceeds to snap off the icicle, using it as a boomerang.
My girlfriend and I went on a trip to Antarctica, and achieved the Antarctic Boomerang
by LongiandCaltakeontheworld October 30, 2019
A currency accepted in Koudeiland which was created as a collectible bill and was never meant to be legal tender for circulation.
I used the Antarctic Dollar a lot in Pinguïn Kreek city, Koudeiland
by Mujahid AL-Koudeilandi March 21, 2023
The act of inserting one's penis into an orafice of your choice after first dipping it into snow.
1: Why you soo cold?
2: just did the antarctic plunge
1: sweet!
by Mr. Joseph Shilling December 12, 2007