He takes a potato chip... AND EATS IT
Light Yagami: *eats a potato chip
L: It's probably someone else then
by Illumi_Zoldyck.🖤 November 22, 2020
The main character in the anime/manga series Death Note. Killed criminals with his Death Note, and is called Kira, which is the engrish way Japanese people say killer. Has a god complex and eats potato chips in an epic manner. Was once handcuffed to his arch rival, L, for a prolonged period of time. Some fangirls believe buttsecks ensued. Eventually got owned by the shinigami Ryuk, because he no longer supplied adequate lulz for the bored god of death.
Light Yagami is gay, because Yagami spelled backwards is Imagay, or I'm a gay, thus proving homosexuality to be genetic.
by Goddess_Freya May 6, 2008
God of the new world. He is justice and everyone should bow down to him. he has big pp
Friend: Hey wanna hang out
Me: sorry I have to pray today it's part of my religion
Friend: what's your religion
Me: kiraism, I must pray to god light Yagami 69 times a day
Friend: Let me join or I commit a sayori
by godlightyagami December 5, 2020
a cocky character from the anime/manga Death Note who thinks he is a fucking God just because he has the Death Note. He kills criminals and eats potato chips in a badass way. Homosexuality is transferred to him because of his last name being spelled backward Imagay
Oh my god Light Yagami is such a jerk
I know right
Light Yagami is kira. Also a sussy imposter and kills people by using a diary. Also a serial killer. He kills 5 year old that steal crums from the store or anyone who does any sort of crime. He also is super smart and gay. He is the gayest person you will ever meet. He also has an obsession to potato chips.
Misa: Have you seen Light Yagami recently.
L: You mean kira?
Misa: No, Light Yagami is not kira. Why would you think that.
by yourmomsdadmom June 6, 2021
One of the hottest and sexiest anime characters ever, probably a closeted homosexual and likes potato chips.
The main protagonist of Death Note with a strong sense of justice and is pretty intelligent for his age, he finds the Death Note and decides to become a god with it even though he already is one. Probably has a huge dick aswell and I would love to suck his cock
Person 1: Oh my god, light yagami is so hot I just wanna get railed by him
Person 2: I know right! Same
by lightyagamiforpresident July 3, 2021