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Intersubjective collapse.

Speculative accelerationism.

An alt-left synthesis of neo-reactionaryism's accelerationism or speculative realism into a speculative annihilation.

The intermodern successor of postmodernism's paradigm of deconstructionism; modernism's magical realism or absurdism; and Romanticism's gothism or baroqueism.
Annihilism is the intermodern successor to deconstructionism.
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by kvikaas July 30, 2018
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It is the philosophy by which most current governments operate, ie. hoarding nuclear weapons (in the name of national security) at the cost of basic existential needs of its citizens. ie. making choices which leads to annihilation of the planet / humanity.
We've reached a point on the planet where it's gonna be either idealism, or annihilism... realism is no longer an option.
by elome January 14, 2012
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Solipsistic collapse of a medium such as television by reality television, radio by streaming, or the Internet by memes.

Successor to postmodern deconstructionism, modern absurdism (noir), and romantic gothicism.
Annihilism signifies the return of Kantian ethos to transcendence over Marxist materialism.
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by ttomorrow August 23, 2018
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