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Anniebelle is probably the best girl you will ever meet. No other girl will ever compare to Anniebelle. She is really the one who landed on the moon. She will take your depression by the balls and shove it up its own ass. Anniebelle has so many traits and she is beyond perfect, actually.... perfection gets jealous every time her name is brought up cause it will never be on her level. If you ever stumble upon an Anniebelle in the wild you can forget about your sadness or anything that's bring you down.

Anniebelle is pretty much the best name in the existence of all women.
Bro my girl is talking to Brad after the 13th time they broke up smh.

Dude you need to go find yourself an Anniebelle, and dump that B r i t t n e y

B i t ch.
by suppeoples January 17, 2018
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